Sunday, June 22, 2014

Adolf Hitler's Underlying Foreign Policy in the USSR: An Excerpt from 'Mein Kampf'

In Mein Kampf, published in 1925, Hitler affirms a twofold unifying vision: To reunite lost German peoples and lands and secure their future existence. Integral to the first part of this project was retaking German lands stripped away after World War I and following Versailles. An important facet of the second aspect of this project was new living space [lebensraum]. Hitler wanted to avoid repeating the mistakes Germany made prior to World War I, when the Kaiser sought colonial outlet for Germany principally overseas. Hitler came to view the Soviet Union as the only viable living space. Eliminating this enemy would also remove a threat to Europe.
And so we National-Socialists consciously draw a line beneath the foreign policy tendency of our pre-War period. We take up where we broke off six hundred years ago. We stop the endless German movement to the south and west, and turn our gaze toward the land in the east. At long last we break of the colonial and commercial policy of the pre-War period and shift to the soil policy of the future.

If we speak of soil in Europe today, we can primarily have in mind only Russia and her vassal border states.

Here Fate itself seems desirous of giving us a sign. By handing Russia to Bolshevism, it robbed the Russian nation of that intelligentsia which previously brought about and guaranteed its existence as a state. For the organization of a Russian state formation was not the result of the political abilities of the Slavs in Russia, but only a wonderful example of the state-forming efficacity of the German element in an inferior race. Numerous mighty empires on earth have been created in this way. Lower nations led by Germanic organizers and overlords have more than once grown to be mighty state formations and have endured as long as the racial nudeus of the creative state race maintained itself. For centuries Russia drew nourishment from this Germanic nucleus of its upper leading strata. Today it can be regarded as almost totally exterminated and extinguished. It has been replaced by the Jew. Impossible as it is for the Russian by himself to shake off the yoke of the Jew by his own resources, it is equally impossible for the Jew to maintain the mighty empire forever. He himself is no element of organization, but a ferment of decomposition. The Persian empire in the east is ripe for collapse. And the end of Jewish rule in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a state. We have been chosen by Fate as witnesses of a catastrophe which will be the mightiest confirmation of the soundness of the folkish theory. 
Our task, the mission of the National-Socialist movement, is to bring our own people to such political insight that they will not see their goal for the future in the breath-taking sensation of a new Alexander's conquest, but in the industrious work of the German plow, to which the sword need only give soil.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter 14, "Eastern Orientation or Eastern Policy"